Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My new room

Finally finished organizing my new room. My husband had the best idea yet and that was to switch rooms with my daughter (so she would take the smaller room and I would then have the bigger one.) She was all on board with it. She loves the smaller room and always have. I have so much more room in here. We really took advantage of the vertical space. I still need curtains but that may take a while. I don't sew and I just never know what to pick out. LOL The walls were already purple, my favorite color, so we didn't have to pain but I will need to do some touch ups. Of course I will always be making changes in it but that is the life of a scrapbooker. LOL thank you for looking and have a great day.

Looking in to my room from the door. Isn't it beautiful?

My awesome and amazing husband bought me the slated wall board at a scrapbook store that was going out of business (sad that she went out of business) It was 8'x4' but we cut it down so I can put them around the room. I only have 2 up, still don't know where I will put the rest yet. This one has all my loose pattern pager and my most used tools. (he also bought me all the 12x12 paper trays and the shelves at the same store.

The one straight ahead has all my solid cardstock in order of color.

This is my cricut station as well as my Sizzix Texturz Botique. Love them both so much!!! The bottom 4 drawers on the bins holds all my scraps. 3 colors in each and then each color has its own clear bag. Yes I am an organized freak. I can't work any other way.

We put all my Michael's cubes up on the dresser not only does it make it easier for me to get things but it is less stress on the bottom cubes. All my paper packs are in the middle row on each end. I am so addicted to paper but the funny thing is I don't think I bought one of those paper packs. My husband (did I say how amazing and wonderful he is yet) got them all for me.


  1. Your room is so cute! I just got my scrapbook room sorta organized, but I'm not quite ready to put pics up yet. Enjoy your space.

  2. I love it all. Wanna come play in my room? I need HELP haha!!!!

  3. I love your room! Purple is my fav color too and your's is such a lovely color! Great organization!!!

  4. So organized! You are my new hero...I wish I could be this organized. My dd and I are switching too, only she wants bigger and I want smaller.

  5. Love the room. I am planning on swapping with my daughter in the Spring (opposite reason-small to big for her because she will start sharing with her baby sister). I am excited to do the room from scratch. Thanks for the inspiration.